Booking and Renting rules

We believe that rules presented below will guarantee our guests’ safe and comfortable stay.

  1. General
  1. The following Rules specify the conditions of the Renting Party’s booking and renting of Amelkowo holiday houses. Booking made via our system means acknowledgement and acceptance of these Rules. The rental contract is considered signed by the Renting Party when booking is made, together with an upfront payment of 30% of the rental fee.
  1. Booking and pre-payment
  1. A tentative booking (via phone or e-mail) should be confirmed by a bank transfer of a pre-payment to the following bank account 47 1140 2004 0000 3702 7502 3468 within 24 hours (the money must be credited to the beneficiary’s account within 12 hours). The booking will be cancelled if no payment is received by the indicated deadline.
  2. By making a booking, our guests agree to have their personal data processed for the purpose of the booking and registration process, according to the 29/08/1997 Act on personal data protection. The Renting Party shall have the right to view and amend their personal data.
  3. Pre-payment made by the Renting Party indicates their acceptance these rental rules.
  4. The Renting Party is obliged to pay for their stay on the day of arrival.
  5. The remaining amount of the total rental fee (excluding the pre-payment) should be paid by the Renting Party in cash upon key collection on the day of arrival.
  6. If the stay is terminated by the Renting Party earlier than originally planned, regardless of the reason, no refund is made. A deposit is also collected on the day of arrival (in case of potential damage done by the Renting Party), which is returned upon the guest’s departure.
  7. If the booking dates are changed by the Renting Party or if the stay is cancelled altogether for reasons beyond our control, the pre-payment shall not be returned
  8. If the guests arrive with a pet dog, the deposit indicated above may be increased.
  1. Arrival
  1. Our hotel day begins at 3 p.m. (arrival) and ends at 11 a.m. (departure).
  2. The Renting Party is obliged to inform the Owner or the person responsible for handling the keys if the arrival time is different from that indicated in Point 1, not later than one day before the arrival.
  3. If the number of people using a house is larger than the number declared in the registration form (without the knowledge and approval of the Owner or of the authorised representative thereof), the Owner reserves the right to request an additional payment or to disallow the admission of the additional guests.
  4. After the arrival and before moving in, the Renting Party is obliged to check the condition of the furniture, windows, dishwasher, shower cabin and other equipment in the house.
  5. Any damage discovered during such an inspection should be immediately reported to the Owner.
  6. The Renting Party is responsible for any damage in the house caused by improper use during their stay and agrees that repairs of all damage and replacement of missing or malfunctioning equipment are made at their expense.
  1. House use
  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the houses. Because of the fire regulations, smoking in a house will result in immediate termination of the rental contract.
  2. Cars may be parked only within the designated spots or places indicated by the Owner.
  3. If the Renting Party significantly disturbs the stay of other guests, the Owner reserves the right to terminate his/her rental contract.
  4. According to fire regulations, apart from the equipment installed in the house by the Owner, no electrical devices or natural-gas-fuelled equipment that poses fire hazard may be used. Flammable or explosive materials and smelly substances are prohibited in the houses.
  5. Without a prior approval of the Owner, the Renting Party has no right to do any repairs, modifications or changes to the House. If repairs or other work is required, the Renting Party shall immediately inform the Owner about this fact.
  6. The Renting Party is obliged to keep the house in the condition in which it has been received. Violation of this condition shall result in the Owner’s retention of the deposit.
  7. The Owner is not responsible for any potential temporary inconvenience caused by independent third party suppliers (e.g. temporary lack of water or electricity).
  8. We welcome pets, if they are indicated during a booking and on the condition that they do not pose a threat or cause disturbance to other guests. Any damage caused by animals shall be covered by the Renting Party. A dog may walk around the area of the resort accompanied by its master; a dog must be kept on a leash and must wear a muzzle.
  9. The Polish law shall govern all disputes between the Owner and the Renting Party. Potential disputes shall be settled amicably, and – should this prove to be impossible – with the help of a court of law determined by where the Owner is based.